The Modern Gentleman

A Gentleman’s Guide to Sexting.

The Internet Revolution has given birth to miraculous technological advancements. Along with them, a litany of new meanings to old verbs has arisen such as fishing (“phishing”), surfing, texting and the newly coined “sexting.”

​To not talk about these advancements would be ignoring what has emerged as significant rituals within dating in the new millennium. Besides, a gentleman void of sexting skills could be labeled many things, but surely not modern.

​The question isn’t so much “if” the modern gentleman sexts. Rather, it’s when and within what parameters? Because we have all born witness to the destructive and catastrophic results occurring from the inappropriate conveyance of flirtatious dialogue (including photos via the Internet and smart phones), sexting as a modern gentleman must be performed with certain guidelines of conduct.

1. The 99% Rule. First and foremost, the MG must be 99% certain that his intended recipient will be receptive before engaging in the risky business of sexting. The absolute last thing you want to do is embarrass, alienate or anger the object of your affections.

2. Wade in slow.Throw out some subtle innuendo to feel the temperature of the waters. The consequences of digitally forcing yourself upon the intended target could be hazardous to good results.

3. Eject if needed.This point coincides with the previous one, but if at any point you sense resistance or a lack of receptiveness, stop immediately. Tomorrows a new day and there’s no shame in trying again then.

4. Be clever, not vulgar.Remember that the object is to arouse, not offend.

5. Be very sure you’re sexting the right person.All of us know someone this has happened too. Don’t be as unfortunate as they were. Pay very close attention when pressing that send button. Trust me when I tell you that sending a text to the wrong contact is easier than you think.

6. DELIVER.Last, but absolutely not least, be sure that your fingers aren’t writing promissory notes that your reality can’t cash. The Modern Gentleman always delivers on what he promises.

​Do you have any sexting-gone-wrong stories to tell me? How about you women…whats has worked well in the past when your men have engaged in digital flirtation?

The Modern Gentleman’s

Ten Commandments

  1. Your word is your bond.
  2. Do unto others as you would have done unto you.
  3. Seek out the good in all people.
  4. Be nice until it’s time not to be nice-Swayze
  5. Fight only for that which is just and good but fight to win.
  6. Stay true to yourself.
  7. Behave with kindness whenever and wherever possible.
  8. Never place passion before principle. -Mr. Miyagi
  9. Be of service.
  10. Correct cruelty.